Kuwait Resorts Company is in process to stretch its arms outside as well as inside the GCC and tap the regional growth in the Tourism sector. According to a latest survey, organized by Reed Travel Exhibitions, the GCC region is bound to attract tourists from all the corners of the world, and is ranked third after North Africa and South East Asia on the scale of tourist attraction. Kuwait Resorts Company management aims to translate such opportunities onto their income statement and reward its investors.

On strategic issues, Kuwait Resorts Company is very clear on its future strategies which are quite visible by its recent investment ventures. The approach is to focus on the core activities by expanding inside and outside the GCC region by taking full advantage of growing tourism sector and supply luxurious apartments in the hospitality sector to crunch the ever growing demand. Even though such bulky capital expenditure has a long gestation period and takes some time to generate returns, but we believe that such investments will result in a solid growth in Kuwait Resorts Company’s top line in coming times. Saying so, the company aims to tap such bright prospects and provide necessary impetus to its earning power in the immediate future.